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review: gillette venus proSkin moistureRich razor.

calling all clumsy girls! you need this in your life.

as someone who makes a habit of nicking my knees and ankles every time i've shaved my legs for 15+ years now - venus proSkin moistureRich razor comes to my apartment as a godsend. i have not cut myself once since i started using it two months ago (gods, please don't let writing that jinx me!).

venus' newest razor has a respectable 3 blades (i'm starting to think that razors with 4 might be overkill - and probably doesn't help with my massacred legs issue), plus a moisture strip (much more useful than a 4th blade because it means no shaving gel needed), plus a pivoting head (again, helps with the nicking situation).

venus proSkin moistureRich razor plus two blades retails for approximately $10 at retailers nationwide.

editor's note: in accordance with the ftc regulations, please be advised that MakeupLovesMe.com received a sample and attended an event to become familiar with this product.


Kelli Rae said...

I just got this bad boy last week and loveee it! Works wonders for me too. I will stick with it for the long run = )

Lauren said...

That's me that's me!! I cut the backs of my knees and my ankles all the time :(

Lauren from ChickAdvisor

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