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new: jo malone decorated home candles by david hicks.

candles pictured from left to right: red roses in hicksonian, lime basil & mandarin in riviera, and pomegranate noir in herbert's carnation.

spring cleaning
has me thinking about the little details throughout my apartment that express my (and alas, also the boyfriend's) taste. small vintage toys or souvenirs from our travels are some of my favorite things to bring a room to life. but, a well-crafted candle is a close second.

ideally, a candle will both fill a room with its beautiful scent and be an eye catching addition to the room, the latter being where many a candle falls short. but not the jo malone decorated home candles by david hicks. fragrance genius jo malone has collaborated with decorating mega force ashley hicks to create 3 candles of artfully exquisite beauty, with an undeniable sex appeal, which 100% what i'm trying to convey with my home decor.

ashley hicks is the son of david hicks, famed late 20th century interior designer. ashley designed this line as a celebration of his father. he says of the collection, "the lively riviera pattern, matched with lime basil & mandarin, transports me to summers spent in the mediterranean. while the shade for hicksonian, paired with red roses, is taken from the drawing room of my father's oxfordshire home that was flooded with the scent of summer blooms. and the rich plum of the geo-floral carnation is deep and intense. just like pomegranate noir." indeed.

$65 per 200g candle at jomalone.com.

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