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tips for getting the most out of a spa visit (sponsored post).

beauties, 2011 is all about the spa days for me.

going to the spa for a massage or facial can be more refreshing than taking a nap, because spa time is totally devoted to you with no interruptions. letting go of your daily life may be easier said than done, which is why i'm offering you some tips to help you relax like it's your job:
  1. arrive 10-15 minutes early. arriving early gives you a chance to settle in before diving right into your appointment (and for most treatments, having to take your clothes off), get there early and get used to your surroundings first! this is especially crucial if this is your first appointment at a particular spa because you will likely have to fill out paper work and you don't want that cutting into your appointment time.
  2. arrange your appointment for a time will have time at least 15 minutes free after your appointment. many spas have areas to sit and relax (often with tea!) before heading back to the real world - why rush out when you could be prolonging your relaxation?
  3. communicate with your esthetician at the onset of the appointment about how much you want to talk during your treatment. for me, spa vouchers are like vows of silence; i talk all day long, so i want to enjoy total silence during my treatments. however, many people like to know what is going on and want to be talked through every step of their procedure. a perfectly good facial can be ruined by too much or too little communication. no matter which one you prefer your specialist will likely be happy to oblige - as long as you tell them.

i'm serious about wanting us all to visit the spa as much as possible this year, beauties. i've already had 3 massages since the start of 2011! with the number of deals on the web right now there is no shortage of spa breaks -- so get relaxed, beauties!

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