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review: alma salon nyc.

alma of alma salon

within minutes of meeting alma (of the eponymous alma salon nyc) she tells me that just last weekend she was in her close friend's wedding and that her friend had "the hottest bridesmaids -- we all had long hair, same height, we were all just beautiful". right then, i knew alma was my soulmate. i love a woman who doesn't play modest - and sexpot alma does anything but.

she went on to tell me she would give me a light trim and bayalage-style highlights (sweeping highlights that start at the bottom of the hair for a very natural look and minimal roots) -- she claimed she was taking a little chance since this was her first time meeting me, but that she was pretty sure i would l-o-v-e it. as alma clattered around me on her 5-inch heels, i waited eagerly and hung on to her every word.

and in the end? i'm smitten! my new bayalage provides my super dark color with just a touch of sun-kissed light, my new cut freshened up my hair, and clever alma switched my part to create a new look for my in-the-middle-of-growing-out bangs. it feels as though some of sex appeal has rubbed off on me -- and everyone i saw that day couldn't get enough of my hair.

visit the alma salon at 38 east 21st street or on the web at almasalon.com. the salon can also be reached at 212.353.0600.

the end result (1 week later)

1 comment:

carolpie said...

Gorgeous and LOVE it!
You are very pretty!

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