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new from noxzema: clean blemish control for adult skin.

good news beauties, even though i'm squarely in my late 20s i still have acne. several birthdays where i believed this would be the year i was "too old to get zits" have come and gone, with breakouts still coming regularly.

having (somewhat) excepted the fact that i will be battling acne from now until eternity, i continue perfecting my plan of attack. as you get older your skin requires a much higher moisture level than when your in your teens, so the harsh zit zappers that worked when i was 17 now end up making my skin very red and flaky. the zit may be gone, but my face isn't looking any better.

the latest tool in my arsenal is noxzema clean blemish control foaming washing and clean blemish control daily scrub, both for adult skin. the specific focus of these washes is to treat acne without over-drying. unlike michael jackson, noxzema has people over 18 on their minds (too soon?).

available at drugstores near you, typically for under $6 a product.

editor's note: in accordance with the ftc regulations, please be advised that MakeupLovesMe.com received samples of these products for possible review, as well as a small gift.

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