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new from crabtree & evelyn: floral fragrance line.

crabtree & evelyn's new floral fragrance line is comprised of 4 single note iconic scents - lavender, lily, rosewater, and iris - one can't help but think of old world, european, romance. the packaging stays true this theme (and makes for great bathroom decor) -- understated glass bottles and paper boxes with watercolor designs of simple botanical illustrations.

i think i have this collection figured out, the goal is: make everything smell like spring. in addition to the single note fragrances, each of the scents has it's own accompanying bath & body, as well as home collection accompaniments - leading to a delightful total of 54 products in the line. each scent is a little different in terms of which products are in the line, but some highlights include; dusting powder, body cream (because it comes in a beautiful clear glass jar), drawer lining paper, and sachets. how could you not need those things?! that is the list of awesome things that i'm constantly looking for and having trouble finding. thank you, crabtree & evelyn, for thinking about the details!

the whole springy line is currently up at crabtree-evelyn.com and available in their stores.

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