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backstage: cushnie et ochs - the caviar nail.

photo credits: ann lawlor

the nails backstage at cushnie et ochs were -- without a doubt -- the hottest thing i saw during fashion week for fall/winter 2011 this past february. celebrity nail tech pattie yankee and dashing diva collaborated to create black nails crusted in black seed beads (from the designer's collection), which were quickly dubbed "caviar nails".

tips from backstage to DIY the caviar nail:

1. apply 2 coats of dashing diva’s limo service polish

2. apply nail glue all over the nail

3. dip nails into black seed beads

4. sprinkle with black glitter

5. apply an activator spray to adhere

6. (optional) walk around knowing your the baddest b*tch there is.

enjoy, beauties!

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