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review: nair cool gel.

i have a very specific MO with nair: i use it to conquer those tricky to shave areas (ankles and knees) preventing me from a.) having embarrassing hairy patches or b.) cutting myself to pieces. both of which i'm quite prone to when shaving.

because leaving a depilatory on your skin for 5+ minutes can yield a claustrophobic sensation, i was excited to try nair's cool gel (because when something is cooling it is somehow less claustrophobic, - think: would you feel less confined if you were trapped in a freezer or a furnace?)

the pluses:

  • it has a mildly cooling, but not shocking, effect
  • it works! and lasts longer than shaving, so i only have to do ankle and knee treatment about once a week
  • neutral scent with minimal (but not no) typical nair smell
  • $6.99!
the minuses:
  • not that the product lead me to believe this, so maybe this is my fault, but the first time i used this i thought i could go in the shower immediately after applying, then wash cloth it off after 5 minutes (i think i thought that because you actually can do that with another nair depilatory product!)...but once this product got wet it did not work, so you definitely must wait outside of the shower for 5 minutes before removing.
i tried a preview sample, so look for it on shelves in april! sorry for the long build-up, but i wanted to give you the deets while they were fresh in mind.

editor's note: in accordance with the ftc regulations, please be advised that MakeupLovesMe.com received a samples of this product and attended an event to learn about it.


boundprincess143 said...

I wasn't impressed with it. It left me with stubble. Which is weird...

boundprincess143 said...

Perhaps it was just me, I also had to leave it on for the full ten minutes

Liz said...

I use it on my arms and it works great. I use the full 10 minutes. I haven't tried it on my legs though. I have course hair so I feel like it wouldn't work as well

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