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pantene pro-Valentines day.

happy valentine's day, beauties! mara's here -- with tips from the experts:

Haille Bowman and Steve Ward

Steve Ward, host of VHI’s Tough Love, has some tough words on hair. All guys are hair guys,” he says. “Some guys are boob guys and some guys are leg guys or butt guys, but all guys are hair guys.”

According to him, they notice a bad hair day way before a zit, and they consider hair THE key factor in your overall sex appeal. Guys allegedly notice your hair before your clothes, your legs, or your makeup. Steve backs up his opinion with statistics (according to a recent survey of over 1,000 men, 60% of would rather date a woman with great hair than a woman with big breasts) and science (according to cultural anthropologist Dr. Jeff Salz, hair has been a symbol of health, femininity, and attraction since Time began).

So we’ve established that it’s important, but what exactly is great hair? Both the anthropologist and the makematchologist say that long hair turns the most heads. Haille Bowman, celebrity stylist for Pantene, says that men are most attracted to hair that has movement, wave, and texture. She recommends ditching the super straight style in favor of a few barrel curls… she uses a ¾ “ iron on her own hair, and then brushes it out a little for a sweet, soft style (pictured above). Before a big Valentine’s date, she suggests a deep conditioner to reduce static and rev up shine. I’m loving Pantene’s Color Nourishing Treatment: it reminds me of that amazing little conditioner that you get in a box of do-it-yourself haircolor.

Steve Ward is a hair guy.

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