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choosing your sexy scent in time for valentine's day (sponsored post).

image credit: chicstories.com

part of what i love about valentine's day is that it's a holiday that worships sexy. while i don't often review perfume, few things make a woman feel as sexy as the right scent can. fragrance is just as powerful as red lips or killer heels, perhaps more so.

part of what gives perfume it's sexual power is also what prevents me from reviewing it often -- it's just so intensely personal. whether your favorite fragrance is from a niche brand or it's a clinique perfume (i recently had a resurgence of love for clinique's happy. it really does make you feel happy!), scent is always customized, because the same fragrance will smell different on everyone. our individual scent mingles with perfume to create a unique combination of the two. one of my favorite perfumes in the bottle, becomes cloying and chalky once it hits my skin. conversely, i've been surprised to learn that scents i've hated on others, i love on me!

while musky and smoky scents seem like they would be my perfect match, i've learned that what makes me feel sexy is uber girly florals, with no fruity notes. french parfums that are heavy in tuberose, jasmine and peony are my secret weapon. though i'm no shrinking violet, i love smelling like one. perhaps that is the key fragrance: creating a contradiction. if people see you as shy, choose a scent that's bold, if you are sweet, choose a scent that smoky, and if you are fierce, choose a scent that's tame. fragrance allows people to see that there is more to you than meets the eye.

smell sexy this valentine's day, beauties!

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