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spa resolution (sponsored post).

beauties, my 2011 is all about taking care of me. i'm making it a point to seek out both new and old favorite spa treatments, and indulging in them.

why? because at the end of 2010 i used an app on facebook to see what the #1 word i used in my status updates was, and it was "work"! this year i want it to be "spa break".

in order to get started on this resolution, the very first week of january i went to my very first overnite spa experience (above you'll see me snow shoeing with my friend stefanie!). highlights of the trip included a eucalyptus steam room and a hot tub with a waterfall spilling into it. i'm hoping this will be one of many spa firsts. i'm ready to seek out the new and exotic! the most unique treatment i tried in 2010 was acupuncture -- and while it wasn't my favorite treatment i'd definitely do it again!

and as for old favorites? there are many! as of 2011, i'm back to getting lash extensions (my all time favorite because no one can ever pinpoint exactly why my eyes look so gorgeous), and cal gel manicures. this year, as in years past, i hope to continue my regime of regular facials and massages. these spa classics are the necessities if you want to feel your best and glow your the inside out. i'm also a firm believer in eyebrow threading for a neat and maintained look.

what spa services or activities have you always wanted to try but never gotten around to? which are your old favorites? with valentine's day just a couple weeks away, whether you're looking at pamper days for 2 or riding solo, there are deals all over the web, so indulge your secret spa goals!

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