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an introduction to napoleon perdis.

right before christmas i had the great privilege of having napoleon perdis do my makeup (unfortunatley this picture is not of me, but it does feature him!).

what you should know about napoleon:

  • he's a heterosexual, australian, makeup genius (apparently, this is not an oxymoron)
  • the man is a makeup genius (did i say that already?)! i'm so sorry i don't have a picture from that night, because i looked like an updated mod delight, complete with black liquid liner on top and white pencil liner on my inner rims.
  • he's the father of triplets!!!
  • he's the creator a fabulous makeup line, which shares his name, napoleon perdis - that is sold many places stateside, including my personal favorite place, target.

if you buy three things from the napoleon perdis line, make it these:
  1. neo noir liquid liner black - $20
  2. deVine goddess lipstick - i like in andromeda, any shade works - $22
  3. auto pilot step 1-2-3 pack - on sale for $49.50

editor's note: in accordance with the ftc regulations, please be advised that MakeupLovesMe.com attended an event and received samples from this line for possible review.


Deborah said...

Great blog! I wanted to ask you a question, although this may be off the subject of your post: Have you tried the new Rimmel mascara? It claims to gradually increase the size of your lashes. If it truly works let me know, thinking of getting it. ;)

makeup loves me said...

hi deborah!
thank you for your comment...i havent actually tried that mascara, but if i do i'll let you know!

Made Easy Fitness said...

Nice Blog! Well, He's got to be one of the only straight guy with kids that's in his field. Good for him. Get White Teeth

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