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face wipe face-off!

beauties - mara's stopping by -- and she's tried every towelette on the market. here's her thoughts:

i've been using a lot of makeup removing/cleansing towelettes lately. they are gentler on my dry skin that most facial cleansers, they are safer for my eyelash extensions, and they spare my white (!!!) bathroom towels from makeup mess. i've accumulated so many different brands and become so committed to my towelette lifestyle that i decided to systematically search for the very best cleansing towelette, using a standardized test (think of it as the cleansing SATs).

the system: i used each product for at least three days. contenders were rated using a 10 point rating scale,
  • with 0-3 possible points for cleansing power (does it remove makeup, including mascara? does it feel clean, or do i feel the need to follow with a rinse? can i visibly see the dirt on the cloth?),
  • 0-3 points for after-affects (does my skin feel moisturized? does it smell nice? is it free of oily residue?),
  • 0-3 for cost (lower cost=more points),
  • and 0-1 possible points for packaging (is it easy to re-seal the package, thus preserving the moisture of the towlettes until they've all been used?). and now for the results! drumroll please....
6.Biore Blemish Fighting Cleansing Cloths (7 points). Perhaps it's best not to mix business and pleasure. The blemish-fighting cleanser leaves my skin feeling dry, with a residue to boot. My skin is extra-sensitive though, so you may not have the same issue. These wipes received points for fragrance but lost for packaging--the re-seal doesn't pass the test of time. The price is good at $6.79.
5. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes (7.5 points). Neutrogena's product is priced right down the middle ($7.99), and the same could be said of its performance. Makeup removal was good, but not strong enough to remove mascara without a scrub. There was no oily residue, but I was left with a slightly dry feeling.
4. Olay Daily Facials (8 points). Daily Facials earn their name! The texture of the cloth is more fibrous than most... giving the feeling of a gentle scrub as opposed to just a wipe. And at $5.99, the price is right. DF's lost a point for packaging, though (I'm afraid they're going to prematurely dry out because of the lack of a good seal), and one for a slick residue that makes me follow with a water rinse.
3. Proactiv Makeup Removing Cloths (8.5 points). These cloths deliver an amazing moisturizing feeling... I love that I get the clean without the dry. They were docked a half a point for cost ($16.75), and one for the fact that I'm not able to visibly see any foundation in the wipe... which makes me wonder a little if it's actually all coming off. A+ for packing, with a snap-shut lid. All around, a good wipe.
2. MAC Wipes (9 points). Who doesn't love the luxurious feel of a MAC product? These wipes were almost perfect in that they visibly remove makeup without leaving any residue and offer a silky, moisturizing feel. Packaging is good with a fancy snap lid. The cost may make you balk at first ($18), but consider that you get 45 wipes instead of the usual 20-30.
1. Boots No. 7 Quick Thinking 4-In-1 Wipes (A perfect 10!) Legend has it that one in three British women has a Boots product in her handbag... and I believe it. This wipe removed in one stroke all makeup, including my waterproof mascara (what?!?!), with no residue afterwards. It hasn't dried out or irritated my skin, and has a nice, subtle, clean fragrance. The packing is smart with a snap lid, and at $6.99, you can't complain. Congrats to the winner!


Deborah said...

Nice where do you buy the No.7? :)

AfricaNurse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AfricaNurse said...

Deborah... you can buy the products at Target... and if you become a fan of Boots on facebook today, you can click on the "offers" tab for a $3 coupon! http://www.facebook.com/BootsBeautyUSA?v=app_172948136074239&ref=ts

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