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the newest lash procedure: lash dip.

beauties, two weeks ago i visited new york's premier lash boutique, courtney akai, and had famed makeup artist christian zamora apply lash dip to my upper lashes, so i could give you the scoop on the latest lash craze. here's what you need to know about lashdip:

  • it's a semi-permanent mascara applied in the spa - meaning you have it on continuously for approximately 6 weeks - it's there first thing when you wake up in the morning and lasts all day (and nite) long (great for that new relationship).
  • it's not lash extensions - this is a much more subtle look (it looks like mascara vs false lashes). that said, at courtney akai you can get it mixed with lash extensions for a look that's somewhere in between.
  • the application is less laborious than lash extensions. my appointment took a little under an hour from start to finish (extensions usually take me close to two hours).
  • have a semi-permanent mascara saves time in the morning and prevents makeup mishaps (no smudging or dark flakes to on the cheeks as day wears on).
  • follow the same care rules as with extensions - try to avoid excess rubbing, scrubbing and sleeping on the face.
  • it's not cheap, it will run you $250 for top and bottom lashes, with a free "lash refresh" 2 weeks in.

image from the lashdip site.

editor's note: in accordance with the ftc regulations, please be advised that MakeupLovesMe.com received this service for possible review.

1 comment:

Shen said...

wow! this is really cool! i've tried extensions and ihave a sort love and hate relationship with them... i do hope that this gets here in Asia. love love the effects. :)

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