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review: rescue beauty lounge on gansevoort in nyc.

mission: to determine if rescue beauty lounge's signature manicure is worth it's $30 price tag. to do that, it would need to be 3x better than my average neighborhood manicure (which costs $10).

  • the experience: the hand massage and treatment at rescue beauty lounge were not noticeably better than my average manicure - not subpar, but nothing to right home about.
  • the finished product: the coverage was meticulous - there was no polish missing from the sides of my nails (which happens in my local nail shop).
  • the longitude: this manicure lasted totally chip free for 6 days, the longest of any normal (non-gel) manicure i've ever received, but only 2x longer than my usual mani (which lasts 3 days).
  • x-factor: 3 different guys complimented me on my color, stormy - a steely-grey.

the verdict: i loved the polish (and the compliments), but i could do without the $30 manicure and just take a rescue beauty lounge polish to my local shop. if i'm gonna spend upwards of $30 on a mani, it better be gel.

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