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brazilian peel.

how do i end up testing so many masks and facials? well, you know your friend who texts her boyfriend the whole time you are out with her? my skin is more needy than her, which works out great for you (and your needy friend), because i test every new thing under the sun.

my latest conquest is the brazilian peel. the brazilian peel is an at-home glycolic acid peel, separated into four applicators - each with two separate tubes of product that you mix your hand - to be used each week for one month.

the kit rings in at $78 on sephora.com. is it worth it? like so many things, the answer depends on what you want. if you are looking for extra radiance and help fading dark spots or old acne scars - this is the mask for you. if you are a current acne sufferer or are in need of a super moisturizing mask? skip this one.

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