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salon aks: event hair + mani!

pictured: me at cocktails and couture with shannon from a girl's gotta spa, who also had her styled at salon aks. photo courtesy of shannon.

on saturday i visited salon aks for hairstyling + a manicure to prep for the cocktails and couture, a fashion week party hosted at the ted gibson salon by real housewife of d.c. mary amons and celebrity colorist jason backe.

i wanted my hair to look "fun", and my new favorite human, jonn rhamani. i was in a particularly flexible mood and told jonn to just do whatever he wanted - and voila! he chose this gorgeous curly, semi-faux-hawk, rihanna-esque style. bonus: jonn was super funny and easy to talk to for the 1hr + that my hair entailed.

as for my nails, i was in a much less leninent mood with galina --- i insisted on a french manicure with black, rather than white tips. while galina, didn't seem to think much of this idea, she complied. galina, by the way, is the most in-demand manicurist in the joint (3 people asked for her while she working on my nails!), who is also like your eastern european grandmother - clucking her approval and disapproval without censor, but my nails came out exactly as requested.

ps - for those ogling my lashes, their faux (naturally). they were the easiest lashes i've ever put on, and the brand makes dozens of wearable styles - retailing at just $9 a pair! hit reeserobertbeauty.com to stock up.

editor's note: in accordance with the ftc regulations, please be advised that MakeupLovesMe.com received services and lashes mentioned gratis for possible review on this site.

1 comment:

Sophia said...

This is such a cool idea. I've never heard of a french manicure with black tips. Hopefully my manicurist won't freak out too much when I ask her for one! Haha!

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