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fashion week: backstage at nicole miller for spring 2011.

backstage at nicole miller's spring/summer 2011 show was filled with dyi tips, thanks to the expert hands of makeup artist james kaliardos (MAC cosmetics) and hair stylist kevin ryan.

kaliardos enigmatically described the makeup as "catherine deneuve from umbrellas of cherbourg, except not 60s." ok. the look was punctuated by a beautiful silvery eye with a rich grey blended into the crease (using MAC's luna cream colour base and forgery eye shadow). kaliardos take-home tip? rather than using liner apply mascara at the roots of the outer corner of each eye for a softer, liner-y look.

hair was in a "effortless updo" - so effortless that kevin ryan was using forceps on the models at one point - marked by tying the hair in a series of knots and setting it with safety pins. as ryan quipped, "a lot of updos are held up by prayer, this one is held by pins and elastics." ryan's other favorite tricks? hairspray on the brush and oribe dry texturizing spray - his new favorite product.

and there's ms. miller herself through the front door - 1.5 hours before the start of the show and still needing to get her makeup done! welcome back, fashion week!

1 comment:

Sophia said...

I'm loving the looks. Definitely going to remember that come springtime!

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