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vaseline DIY project!

i recently attended a unilever, parent company for vaseline (among dozens of other brands), event. what's new with vaseline? one would assume not much, since vaseline is one of those iconic products with a formula from the days of yore (noxzema and coppertone also come to mind in this catagory), but the brand surprised me. they had set up a station where makeup artitss were mixing pigment into little pots of vaseline to create high shine/high gloss color that changed my (fall makeup) world.

after seeing tangerine lips in multiple september issues i had them mix my vaseline with an orange pigment. the result? it's my new bring-it-everywhere item. i use it on my lips and my cheeks, because now glows like vaseline sheen.

the best part? it's so easy to diy/replicate this: if you have any loose powder (mineral or otherwise) eye shadows or blushes at home stir your favorite color into some vaseline to create a new glossy finish to apply to eyelids, cheekbones, or lips. my next project is going to be mixed lavender eyeshadow with vaseline, to create a cream finish light purple shadow.

have fun, beauties!

1 comment:

DWJ said...

I never would've thought of mixing the pigments I have in the Vaseline, BRILLIANT! Now I have to go to my 24 hour Walgreen and get a new jar and tiny tins to mix away.

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