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new from new york color: blushable creme stick.

new york color has me crushing on a mass retail blush, and i'm not that kind of girl. i believe that blush is something you spend money on, so you can glow and captive a room. the new york color blushable creme stick ($3.99!) has me rethinking all that.

it comes in a shade range to rival the blush queen, nars - available in plaza pink, big apple blush, urban spice, south street, seashell, mauvin' uptown and berry new yorker. all of the colors provide a bright pop of color without getting garrish. the formula is a smooth creme that dries to a silky powder finish.

my personal favorite is big apple blush - the perfect marriage of flirty and serious pink - i've been carrying it everywhere. and carry i must, because the one thing to note? bargain blush has less staying power, so be sure to slip the tube in your purse for reapplication as needed.

editor's note: in accordance with the ftc regulations, please be advised that MakeupLovesMe.com attended a press event and received samples from this collection for review.

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