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my friends and i put dove visibly smooth to the test.

bare with me, beauties, i am not a frequent video maker.

a couple days ago a few friends of mine took a physique 57 class and tested out dove's newest deodorant - dove clinical strength visibly smooth anti-perspirant deodorant - and this is our reflections on it, immediately after finishing the class (hence the no makeup/disheveled look).

dove visibly smooth now has a few different versions and while the clinical strength held up during the exercise challenge - but my favorite deodorant of all time is still the ultimate visibly smooth in wild rose. but i think it's safe to say that one of my friend's is totally converted to the clinical strength version -- this is what she emailed me the next day:

"so.... I used the dove deodorant yesterday. worked great, better than the other stuff I was using. but what's more interesting is that my new dude, A***, told me last night that I smelled really good. All I had on was the dove deodorant! no perfume. he could smell the rosiness. he said it again, too. it lasted all night. good stuff. it's maybe the girl equivalent to that man-smell deodorant all boys use (old spice?).

thanks, Dove! (wink!)"

editor's note: in accordance with the ftc regulations, please be advised that MakeupLovesMe.com received the deodorant and exercise class as a promotion from dove.

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LC David said...

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