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home sweet home.

beauties, i'm back! and i'm welcoming you in the traditional barcelona manner, with a picture of the fish available in the local market of the small town i was staying in.

and as much as i love the mediterranean, i am a nyc girl thru-and-thru! the sophisticated style and beauty of european women remains as much a mystery to me as it ever was, though i did visit one of the world's oldest apothocaries - la galeria de santa maria novella - in barcelona. i picked up one of their talc powders with a peony scent, which i'm hoping will infuse me with that spanish air of mystery.

ps - if you are eagerly checking to see if you are one of the winners of my axe giveaway - fear not - the winners will be up within the next hour. i'm still adjusting to this new york state of time.

1 comment:

carolpie said...

That must have been a fab trip!

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