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i try to drink myself pretty, again - noah's naturals anti-aging beauty drink.

last time i tried a beauty drink i couldn't even complete my one week trial because of the bitter taste it left in my mouth (reminisce here), but trying noah's naturals anti-aging beauty elixir inspires me to give this category another chance.

each $19.99 box contains 14 packets (there is also a $29.99 option which yields 30) to be mixed with a tall glass of water (think crystal light style). the mix is a cocktail of anti-oxidants, including collactive, acai berry, goji berry, lutein, lycopene, blueberries and pomegranate.

it tastes like a berry juice -like a less viscous smoothie, with no after taste and only 30 calories. my skin has been phenomenal lately -though i'm not sure it i owe it entirely to this drink - i mostly credit kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate - i'm sure this only adds to the glow.

available at food, drug and mass retailers nationwide.

editor's note: in accordance with the ftc regulations, please be advised that a sample of the products mentioned was provided to MakeupLovesMe.com.

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