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something steamy from biore this way comes...

mara's been using the new biore steam activated cleanser...and here's what she has to say:

new from biore, a cleanser that uses the power of your shower for a deep clean with steam-activated beads. this product gets a mixed review--it smells great and gives an invigorating, post-facial feel... but it's not the deepest clean i've ever experienced, and may or may not be responsible for a recent breakout. next time, i'm going to stick to the deep cleansing pore strips we all know and love.


ScissorHead. said...

I haven't tried mine yet.. but boo that she doesn't get the 'super clean' feeling... Have you tried their warming cleanser, it's actually pretty good (!) -elyse http://www.glamourcow.com

Afterglow Cosmetics said...

Thanks for the honest review...I like the color and the freshness...and this blog for holding all the new products before eyes.

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