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what's new in deodorant - degee nature effects & secret mineral sheer.

there's a lot of new deodorants coming out this spring - many of them taking their cues from major trends throughout beauty, like rare ingredient scents and mineral base.

degree is taking antiperspirant into the gourmand - their nature effects line will introduce three new scents - honeysuckle & tea tree oil, olive leaf & pink pepper, and orange flower & cranberry. don't judge me - i really want to try the olive leaf & pink pepper.

the magic of minerals has been all over beauty for the last couple of years - but an antiperspirant is actually the perfect place for a mineral base. secret's sheer mineral line is formulated with tested level of talc for protection vs breathability. available in four scents - powder romance, green euphoria, citrus bliss and delicate bloom.

both new lines should be hitting shelves in the next few weeks and should run you under $5. what do you think of the new antiperspirant trends?


kelly said...

Personally, I don't want my antiperspirant to smell like anything. Finding unscented is increasingly difficult, and I can't stand the smell of most. I'll give these a sniff, but can't the companies PLEASE make unscented??!!
As for talc, isn't that what they used to be made of?

makeup loves me said...

@kelly i'm a little bit overwhelmed by the sounds of the new degree scents, too! thanks for your thoughts :)

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