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salon aks - hair color and pedicure review.

for those of you who read regularly, you know that i color my hair at home, but i never pass up a chance to get professional color because no matter how good of a job you do at home, you may be missing sections on the back of your head without even knowing it.

last friday i went to salon aks, located right in the midst of 5th ave. from the moment you walk in you can tell that this is the place where park avenue wives go to become bergdorf blondes, yet the staff is well-versed on all cutting-edge color trends and has a down-to-earth attitude.

right away my stylist was honest with me. when i asked if i should go more red, but stated i wasn't interested in putting in more "upkeep work", she told me i better stick with my current shade. then she expertly colored it to my beloved red-brown shade, and applied a gloss treatment, so that it was at it's shiniest. i have to say, it shines way more than my home color does.

and while hair color may be what puts salon aks on the map, i also highly recommend their pedicures. they have huge comfy seats and the nail techs are enthusiastic about indulging your creative whims. i got black toes layered with deborah lippmann's happy birthday on top - a confetti color large-chunk glitter. i went shoe shopping this weekend and people could not stop asking about my twinkle toes.

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