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orly's foil fx versus minx nails.

if you are under the impression that orly's foil fx nail polish is going to make your nails look just like minx, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. but if you think that, you probably also thought john mayer was the kind of guy who never talked sh*t, so hopefully are getting used to these sorts of letdowns.

two coats of orly foil fx is about as metallic as a nail polish can get, but it will never have the totally smooth effect of a minxed nail. however here's what foil fx may have over minx, depending on the user:

  1. it's super affordable - under $8 versus around $45 for a minx-acure.
  2. it's available all over the country. even if your local spa doesn't offer minx, you can get the metallic look by picking up foil fx at your local drugstore.
  3. it has a rose gold! minx may have gold and silver (- and so does orly foil fx (shades - luxe and shine, respectively) but foil fx also offers that oh-so-hot rose gold (in a shade called rage).
for gorgeous pictures, of all three shades, visit my girl michelle at alllacquered.com.

editor's note: in accordance with the ftc regulations, please be advised that a sample of the products mentioned was provided to MakeupLovesMe.com.


Sparkles And Silk said...

As the sister of the co-founder of Minx Nails I have to agree that ORLY is better cost wise. But the range of metallic shades that MINX now offers is truly hard to match. I have sported both Minx and Foil FX and love both. Great review!!


makeup loves me said...

@sparkles and silk thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! i can't wait to give minx a try.

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