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how to shave your bikini zone.

if you've opted to skip your expensive valentine's day wax this year, be sure to follow these steps for a smooth and bump-free shave, especially if this is going to be a DIY brazilian.

years of practice, combined with some new tips i picked up on tuesday nite from a gilette venus expert have helped me to come up with this 5 step plan:

  1. exfoliate the region the day before you plan on shaving.
  2. have a game plan - know if you want to be bald after or have some hair - aka a landing strip - left. if you plan on leaving some hair, trim before you get in the shower so you know exactly what your working with. gilette recently introduced a bikini trim tool - the venus bikini trimmer - but tiny scissors work fine too.
  3. choose a creamy shave gel and a fresh blade or razor (i have the venus breeze refillable, so i just pop a new head on).
  4. shave in the direction your hair grows to minimize irritation.
  5. finish with with a moisturizer (i use shobha's ingrown hair relief lotion) and dust talc powder on top of that.
enjoy your new look! and happy valentine's day, beauties!

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