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lancome's genifique eye - and an i'm sorry for being out of touch!

yes, i hear the sound of crickets buzzing around mLm...i know what you are thinking, "bad marina! where have you been?" it's been a crazy week, and now i'm in florida visiting my family and hitting the beach.

even though the past week has been a trying one, that doesn't mean i haven't been keeping up on my beauty routine. in fact, when i'm stressed i sometimes discover my best beauty secrets!

a few days ago the lack of sleep was making my eyes look swollen shut -- not hot. since my last birthday eye cream went from being something i gave my mom to being my best friend. so i went to my eye cream bag of tricks to see if there was something that might help. after a few days of tinkering with different brands and formulas, lancome's genifique eye is my latest and greatest find. i love the instant effects, when i need eye cream i don't need it to take effect in 4-6 weeks, and i need it now! and lancome delivered, my eye-area was instantly brightened and less swollen. $59 at lancome-usa.com.

and beauties, please accept my apologies for being m.i.a., and except more tales of my beauty experiences from the past week to come.

editor's note: in accordance with the ftc regulations, please be advised that a sample of the product mentioned was provided to MakeupLovesMe.com.

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