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i found the best shampoo and conditioner for shiny hair!

we interrupt our regularly scheduled holiday gift suggestions to give you an urgent message, which is this: my hair is shining like the sea!

i normally don't fall for products that advertise their secret ingredient as caviar -- just because i can't afford to eat caviar doesn't mean smearing it on my body will make me look rich (right?!). but in the case of kelly van gogh daily caviar shampoo and daily caviar conditioner that's exactly what's happening - my hair's so shiny that i look rich, (bitch).

so shiny that a guy i work with said to me yesterday, "your hair is getting prettier", which made me feel a combination of outrage and secret joy, but either way it's undeniable that it's made a noticable difference if dudes are noticing it. it's also making my hair more voluminous - without any extra product it's already lighter and easy to style. even better? it's for colored treated hair! it's like this hair care was made for me.

let's review:
super shine - check!
volume - check!
color protection - check!

and for caviar, it's none too pricey. $28 for the shampoo and $32 for the conditioner at spaceNK and bloomdale's. learn more at kellyvangogh.com.

editor's note: in accordance with the ftc regulations, please be advised that a sample of the products mentioned was provided to MakeupLovesMe.com.


kelly said...

I received my order from KvG, and I am already in love. Used the root rehab (8V) last night and followed with the conditioner. My hair looks great. Usually I have to use 2 boxes of Fekkai to cover all of my fine but dense hair, here 1 box did the job. I'm going to the site right now to load up!


kelly said...

Follow-up: While I love the products, I have placed 3 orders online and had problems all 3 times. 1st time: couldn't get the order placed online and had to call after wasting about 40 minutes. 2nd time: order placed, but was charged shipping. Waiting still for the shipping refund, even after being promised it would be corrected asap. 3rd time: again, amount charged differs from total.
they need to get their acts together. I have stocked up , hopefully they will straighten out these glitches before I run out again.

kelly said...

Follow up to my follow up: KvG contacted me after I complained, promising to correct the matter & sent me a bottle of shampoo. I appreciate that they made it right, and I hope they correct the glitches on the website, because I am truly in love with their products- my hair looks awesome!

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