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best i ever had: best makeup for face from 2009.

concealer, foundation and blush are important, beauties. because if your skin doesn't look flawless, then no amount of lipstick or eye makeup is gonna make you look cute, sorry.

best concealer - goes to benefit erase paste. regular readers, this better not come as a surprise. i've been raving about it all year long. it covers up zits and dark circles and lasts. done.

best foundation - cover fx natural fx water based foundation is a product i truly discovered in 2009, before this year i had no knowledge of it. but i'm wearing it (along with a touch of erase paste) in the picture above of my friend heidi's wedding with two of my wonderful friends tiffany and jazmine. doesn't my skin look like it's actually flawless?! discovering this foundation was definitely a "where have you been all my life" moment for me.

best blush - hard candy blush crush is the perfect amount of color and high sheen. this year hard candy came back from the dead and found itself at walmart -- i'm looking forward to what they offer the beauty world this year.

here's to 2010, beauties! tell me your beauty resolutions!

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