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st tropez gradual tan mousse review.

while it is unseasonably warm in nyc right now (thank you, weather gods!), i have been forced to accept summer is officially over. and with that i must also accept that my skin is back to it's pre-summer shade, also known as very fair.

i've been through many a gradual tanner -- but so far st. tropez gradual tan mousse is my favorite to date. my main gripe with self tanners is that if it goes wrong, it can go very wrong. you can end up streaky or strangely colored for days, with no antidote in sight -- there is no way to undo the damage of bad self tanner. this mousse, however, has a very natural color, and the daily application it builds a color base, which makes streaks less of an issue than a product applied one time would.

after a week and a half of use my legs are restored to their height of summer shade. $30 at st.tropeztan.com.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

St. Tropez products are some of the best self-tanners I've come across.

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