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cure your stiletto feet!

i'm that girl you see out in ridiculous shoes. i wish i had a thing for purses, instead of shoes, as i imagine that would be much less painful. but we are who we are, right?

as a result of my shoe love my feet take a bit of a beating. the kind of beating that ordinary lotion doesn't erase -- and believe me, i've tried a lot of foot lotions. they all smell like a peppermint, but none of them works as well as deep steep candy mint foot stick.

this balm is just the right texture -- rich enough that it actually softens up my feet, and quickly absorbing so it's not just globbed on my feet for the next several hours after application. best part? $4.99(!) at fragrancenet.com.

1 comment:

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

omfg! i.m that girl too!
deffinatly gonna try this <33
even my bf said my feet got ugly ccuz i started wearing heels ALLthe time

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