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axe enters the next frontier - hair.

the label for axe's new smooth & sophisticated look shine pomade reads "fact: girls don't like crusty, crunchy hair...". i have to agree that that is a fact, and our mLm male correspondent adds that it's also a fact that men don't like to use hair products designed for women. these combined facts explain the need for axe's newest product line, axe hair crisis relief.

axe's newest foray includes a 6 shampoo+conditioners (including one to fight the #1 guy hair problem of dandruff) and 4 styling products. our male correspondent has been loving the pomade - he's even been carrying it around in him bag with him! he raves that the hold is long-lasting and even works on humider days. if the guy in your life is stealing your hair supplies, it may be time to invest in axe hair crisis relief, each product will run you under $10.

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