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best haircut in NYC for under $100!

after two weeks of awful beauty experiences at some of my manhattan haunts - i needed a break and a haircut. so i took a leisurely L train ride to williamsburg (only one stop outside of manhattan) to visit self salon where stylist maria basca, previously at oscar blandi, now reigns as queen.

self salon and maria could not have been more welcoming. there was no criticism of my last hair dresser (how many times have you heard, "tell me something, honey, who has been cutting your hair like this?!"), no pressure to buy everything that touched my head, and even though all of the sylists have manhattan-sized talent, there were no manhattan-sized prices (women's cuts run a very reasonable $65-75).

maria gave me her signature "dry cut", shaping up my layers and adjusting them to show off my cheekbones. then she shampooed and gave me a blow-out worthy of a nite on the town. it was the most relaxing beauty treatment i've had in months - i left refreshed rather than exhausted.

in addition to their already reasonable prices they are currently running a 20% off special. so do yourself a post-work favor, and take the L in the brooklyn direction, you won't be disappointed. visit them online at selfsalonbrooklyn.com or call 718.599.1449.

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