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completely bare's ur dream wax.

last friday i headed over to completely bare to try out their latest bikini wax, the "ur dream wax".

this new waxing treatment is designed to distract clients from the unpleasant sensory aspects of bikini waxing. the wax itself is made from a proprietary ingredient that evokes positive memories from childhood - some people say it smells like "bubblegum", others say "grape candy". next, white noise headphones are applied, so that clients no longer hear that grimace-worthy sound. finally, two types of wax are used, to help get you as hairless as you dare to be.

my thoughts? you can sugar-coat it all you want, but the bottom line is someone is still ripping hot wax off of a very sensitive area, and that hurts! the white noise headphones did help to distract me, and i appreciated that the team at completely bare didn't rush me and let me get comfortable before letting it rip. i could see this treatment being great for someone who is new to waxing and anxious about the process, especially a bride-to-be!

the wax follows the same pricing guidelines as their traditional wax (see here), just be sure to specify that you would like the "ur dream wax" when booking. currently only offered at their downtown locations.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

that does sound like a good idea...the worst is really when they talk to me when they are doing it...i hate that! >.<

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