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simple human helps me hide a closeted dandruff problem.

beauties, a couple weeks ago i mentioned that because of my beauty writer status, people are always spying around in my bathroom (reminisce about that here).

well, i sometimes get dandruff and the only thing cures it is head & shoulders. and while i love h&s for saving me the embarrassment of making it snow in july, i'd prefer if everyone did not see their bottles lying around my shower.

enter: the simple human soap and shampoo dispensers. about a week ago i ordered these wall mounts so i could hide my less-than-glamorous dandruff shampoo in these austere shells. so far? great success. i was most concerned about putting together the dispensers and mounting them to the wall -- but the directions had big writing and pictures, so i was able to do it all by myself!

now when you look in my shower it's just a sea of beautiful redken bottles, with an innocuous dispenser on the wall. $49.99 for the twin bottle dispenser at simplehuman.com.

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