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redken chemistry, for when tonite's gonna be a good nite.

my hair's been taking shots. just last thursday it downed a "clear moisture" and a "color extend".

redken's chemistry is an in-salon service that provides customized moisturizing treatment.

first there's the "shot phase", which can be one or any combination of the following, depending on what the stylist feels your hair is in need of:

  • clear moisture - for normal/dry hair
  • extreme - for distressed hair
  • color extend - for color-treated hair
  • all-soft - for dry, brittle hair
  • smooth down - for very dry/fizzy hair
  • real control - for dense, dry, sensitized hair
after letting the shot set in, you reach the "shot phix phase", which comes in two, more cryptic varietals:
  • 3.5 - for chemically treated hair
  • 5.5 - for slightly damaged/less processed hair
then, comes a bangin' blowout. my blowout looked amazing for the next two days - it was touchably smooth and my color was extra radiant.

the whole treatment, depending on the salon usually runs around $35.
tip: get the treatment the morning of a special occasion, then you have the perfectly coiffed look of "salon hair" for your event, and the benefits of the treatment for weeks to come. look up salons offering redken chemistry (indicated by a yellow "C" next to their name) here.

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