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i got lash extensions!

lash extensions, i've always wanted them, and now i've got 'em!

(and yes, i'm scared of this picture of me too, but it's the only one of ten that came out right...)

top 3 pros:

- number one is definitely the fact that i look extra pretty and rested, and no one can seem to quite put their finger on why!
- and all that, when i first wake up,without having to apply any makeup.
- plus, my lashes never look this long or natural even with mascara.

top 3 cons:

- i have to sleep like the girl in the beginning of the movie friday, waking myself up every two seconds to make sure i'm not crushing my lashes.
- it took two hours (!!!) to apply them.
- the price - i got mine for $85 +tip +tip for the person who massaged my hands during the application --- and that was a bargain by lash extension standards.

where i went:

wink eyelash extensions. they are currently running a special (when you mention their ad in a.m. new york), a full set of lashes that typically costs $130 is only $85 (but bring cash). the place is clean and comfy. bonus: you get to relax in little pink beds while your lashes are applied.

visit them online at winkeyelash.com

1 comment:

karissa said...

they look great!
I am like you I can take a dozen pics and the worst one of me, is the best one showing what product I am using. lol

I think that if you buy extensions at MAC they will place them for free? I could be making that up.

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