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essie is just matte about you.

the straight up confusing thing about the matte nail trend is how your supposed to keep your nails shine-free once you apply topcoat.

you can make the polish formula as matte as you want, but the second you finish it off, it will turn shinyville. my friend emily actually pointed this out to me when we were discussing fall's matte polishes on the l.i.r.r. back from long beach, and at the time, i was left speechless.

well, now, thanks to essie i have a response: matte about you. essie's matte about you is a smooth matte finish that not only protects your matte polishes, but can be put atop of your shiny polishes to give a matte finish! if you're not looking to get a whole new polish-robe this fall, this is the way to go - just use the colors you already love and turn them matte. brilliant, no?

$10 at essie.com.

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