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eat yourself pretty, viactiv calcium supplements.

i'm a strong believer that eating right is good for one's beauty quotient.
i'm also a strong believer is desserts.
hence, my penchant for things like borba gummi bears, and now viactiv calcium soft chews.

i love vitamins, but i love them more when they taste good and are easy to swallow. viactiv soft chews are full of calcium and vitamin D, which may not sound all that glam now, but i'm pretty sure healthy bones are one of the key hotness players when one's in their 80s. and i don't know about you, beauties, but i have every intention of being hot in the nursing home.

they come in four flavors; chocolate mink, milk chocolate, caramel, and raspberry. but you just gotta trust me on this, because i've tried them all: caramel is the way to go.

true story: my mom had the caramel flavored chews when i was in high school and one of my guy friends finished the box without looking it. the next morning i told my mom that he had finished them. she laughed and said, "that's totally fine, but those are women's supplements." he didn't even know - and he thought they tasted awesome!
viactiv soft chews are found in the vitamin aisle at food and drug stores around $7 for a box of 60 and $10 for a box of 90.

1 comment:

Stefanie said...

This is awesome. I need more calcium, but I hate having to swallow those horse pills. This seems like a better way to do it :)

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