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calgel nails at sakura - a good luck charm?

beauties, it's been a whirlwind of a weekend.

inspired by MAC publicist extraordinaire, heather park (click on her name to check out her blog and fantastical nails), i went with my dear friend liz to get calgel nails at sakura nail spa.

the details: sakura is the only place in nyc to get calgel nails, which are popular in japan. the treatment took about two hours, but is supposed to last about two weeks, and ran me about $65 (it's $40 for the basic, but i had to be all extra about it). it's similar to, but can be much more ornate than, the gelife nails at dashing diva. my nails are white with purple glitter gradation tips, then covered in red rhinestones and pearls on the ring fingers. i love my hands.

after the manicure, i dashed to atlantic city, where my poker skills may not have been up to snuff, but my hands received more compliments then ever before. but liz's hands served her even better -- i came back to learn her bejeweled calgel fingers got some extra bling - she got engaged friday nite! expect pictures of her nails and hand with ring later today.

remember when mara got her nails done with me and also got engaged? moral of the story: come to the salon with me if you want to have a ring put on it.

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