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forget the zodiac - what's your skindinavia sign?

this may be the original makeup saver by skindinavia, but by no means is it the only one.

skindinavia boasts a line of 8(!) makeup finishing sprays (the skindinavians take the setting of one's makeup very seriously):

  • mineral makeup finish: controls drying, settling, and shine on mineral foundation.
  • 10 years younger makeup finish: keeps makeup hydrated and out of wrinkles.
  • no more shine makeup finish: absorbs oil and controls excess shine.
  • cool flash makeup finish: chills makeup in warm temperatures (and during hot flashes), avoiding meltdown.
  • bridal makeup finish: holds makeup texture for photography and high stress conditions.
  • dance! makeup finish: holds makeup while dancing, clubbing, or performing
  • jet set makeup finish: reinvigorates makeup color during travel or active use.

facebook style poll
the one i am currently using? cool flash makeup finish - it definitely cuts down on makeup melt.
the one i want after just learning about it? dance! makeup finish - i want this! what if i get invited to another bachelorette (shut up, spell check. i'm not trying to spell "bachelor", bachelorette is word!) party? this would be so useful!

this table can help you decide which one is right for you. skindinavia products are paraben free, oil free, and cruelty free. available in 2 oz. ($19), 4 oz. ($29), and 6 oz. ($39) at skindinavia.com. interestingly enough, some varieties are have the 2 oz and 6 oz, some just the 4 oz. if you can figure out some pattern or method to the variety and sizes offered, please share your findings with the group.

1 comment:

Salima said...

I use the no more shine by skindinavia and it works wonders. I have super oily skin and when I use this before i apply my foundation I can go 8 hours or more without having to blot. before i would have to blot like three or four times a day. I got mine at the skinstore.com and right now they are running a special "Receive a FREE Cool Flash Makeup Finish with any Skindinavia purchase! 4oz | $29 Value" and you get free shipping over $50. It was a great deal!

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