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secret flawless clear crystal clear gel - such a good secret, it's invisible!

i think we can all agree that black eyed peas' boom boom pow is the song of the summer, even before will.i.am's manager and perez hilton had a slap fight, or whatever.

but i've been holding back when i hear fergie say "put your hands up". why? because i forgot to switch to summer deodorant. it's an easy mistake to make, because this critical transition to a tanktop worthy odor fighter is underdiscussed. but the unspoken rule is: once the temperature reaches the point where you'll be showing off your pits, you've gotta go transparent.

i've finally made the transition - using secret's flawless clear crystal clear gel in unscented. available in clean powder, refreshingly floral, clearly tropical and unscented for approximately $4.29 at retailers nationwide.


Anonymous said...

How is the protection with the Secret Flawless?

thanks a lot!


makeup loves me said...


so far, so good! the last few days have been hot, but i've stayed dry :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I must trust you.

Just arrived at work wearing a light blue button down blouse and the Secret Flawless. We shall see...


makeup loves me said...

debbie - i'm loving the play-by-play. keep me posted!

Anonymous said...

The button down blouse was fine and my weekend was sweat free and smelling fine.

I love the way it feels on too, no white marks but I feel protected.

Excellent Rec, thanks so much!!


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