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rollingRazor revolution.

beauties, this is becoming the summer of the razor. i've been in hot pursuit of a hair removal system that is fast, effective, and above all else, stops me from nicking my ankles since my trip to miami at the beginning of june (recall this post).

if you see you were to see me out and glance south, you will notice little hair patches around my ankles, because i just can't continue to nick myself. enter rolling razor.

rolling razor is not, as it's name would imply, rolling in the conventional sense. though there are two sets of blades - they both remain stationary. however, something about having two sets of blades -each with four blades on them - makes it easier to get into angles (and ankles). i'm no physicist, but i know i haven't cut myself in the two weeks i've used this razor, and that my ankles are far less hairy.

learn more and join the rolling razor revolution at www.rollingrazor.com. $14.95 for the starting system.

1 comment:

Charity Becker said...

I love the Rolling Razor...I love that I can shave anywhere there is hair with this shaver. It is incredible that I had more hair than I thought. I am excited to say that I have no hair anywhere I don't want it anymore and it is all because of the genius who invented this razor.

My boyfriend and I both thank you

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