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redken for men - shake some pepper in that salt!

earlier this week i went to an event that featured redken's newest service for men, customized camouflage. what i learned at this event is that men like all things to be quick, discreet, and subtle - not just their relationships.

luckily customized camouflaging caters to these needs. the service helps men with salt-n-pepper hair get a little more "pepper"in their look. the whole service takes under 15 minutes and can be done at the shampoo bowl rather than in a salon chair. as far as the subtly goes, as you can see by the before and after shots - the finished result is more of a "wow! you look so refreshed", as opposed to "wow! you dyed your hair." and as for the commitment issue? the color than gradually fades while the hair goes out.

if one of the men in your life needs to pepper it up the service $20-$70, depending on your part of the country, and salons may be located via redken.com.


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