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peacock flower lip gloss - shine on.

when i heard about three custom color specialists' peacock flower lip gloss the description consumed my thoughts. pause for a moment and take this all in: "a pinky, peach shade with light-catching violet opalescence, inspired by the rare and dazzling peacock flower." are you swooning, yet?

long-time readers may know that the words opalescense/iridescence enchant me when they relate to lip products. hologram lips are always the look i'm going for.

my only worry was that this gloss may be too pale, but now that i have it my hands i can tell you that it is no such thing. rather, it is a rare gem that will leave your lips glowing like one. beyond that, i'm at a loss for words. there is no way to describe the color other than how the site does, it is utterly unique.

as for the rest of the seychelles collection (three custom color specialists summer release), i tried the other two items two weeks ago, but i had somehow skipped getting the gloss (read the other reviews here). learn from my mistakes and buy all three items for $50 by clicking here, saving yourself $17 from the cost of buying each individually.

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