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packing list for a day at the beach.

enjoy your weekend, beauties! i'm hope you are heading to the beach, like me. since i'm a terrible packer i've created a quick beach bag list to reference before running out the door.

the mlm top 5 guide of what to pack in your beach bag:

  1. club soda – the hydrating effects of water, and the fizzy fun of soda, without the calories. plus, red door spas' color director, brad johns, recommends using it post-pool, to help remove chlorine from hair and prevent warping of colored hair.
  2. sunscreen -- preferably at least an spf 30. even if you put it on in the morning, you'll need to reapply throughout the day.
  3. aftersun care- saved me last weekend. i put clinique aftersun rescue balm with aloe on as soon as i got on the train home, and, true story -- it stopped my burn from peeling. substitute with vaseline's aloe fresh hydrating body lotion for the budget-savvy.
  4. cherries – i've seen cherries in every color and flavor - from tart to sweet, being sold on the street in the last couple of weeks. they are easy to pop in you mouth and red door spas' chief creative officer, cornelia zicu, recommends them for their high level of vitamin b, which helps to keep the skin and scalp healthy.
  5. sunglasses – you will be miserable if you forget these, beauties. all of your careful packing will be wasted if you spend the day squinting away. i'm partial to my new andrea jovine pair.
neon stitch chain tote bag, top shop, $20.

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