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maybelline takes vibrating mascara to the mass market with pulse perfection.

the vibrating mascara trend has been dominated by high-end brands (lancome, prescriptives, estee lauder), but as of july 2009 it's been brought to the masses.

maybelline's pulse perfection looks similar to the high end versions - the tube and brush have a streamlined look. the oscillating movement is identical to what i've experienced with the more expensive versions -- and i've tried them all, nobody loves a vibrator more than me. the biggest difference? rather than the vibrating happening on it's own as soon as you open the cap, you have to hold a button down on the cap of the maybelline version.

pulse perfection available for $14.95 at drugstores and supermarkets nationwide. it comes in two washable shades, very black and blackest black, and one waterproof shade, very black. the battery is guaranteed to last a minimum of 130 applications, or around 4 months worth of daily applications. for more info visit maybelline.com.

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