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leonor greyl huile de magnolia goes beyond a chimera.

i love a product that has multiple uses (hence my recent obsession with "chimeras"). leonor greyl's huile de magnolia goes beyond the new 3-in-1 standard this summer - it's a 5-in-1!

it can used for body - to moisturize skin, after sun - to hydrate and prevent burning, after hair removal - to regenerate and protect the epidermis, for face - for gentle makeup removal, and as a fragrance - anytime i use it the sweet smell of magnolia blossoms radiates from my skin.

i've been using it daily both as an after sun and an after hair removal treatment. it's hydrating, but not greasy. i plan on having it double as my summer scent and skin hydrator.

leoror greyl's summer 2009 collection, which includes the oil, was designed in conjunction with odile gilbert, who i recognize as a regular face for hair styling backstage at baby phat runway shows. huile de magnolia is $42 at leonorgreyl-usa.com.

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